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Pass (and pay for) your licensure exams!

You’re ready to become a teacher, and that means you need to take your licensure exams. TeachNC, with funding allocated by Governor Roy Cooper, is offering up to $500 to help you pay for and pass the tests!

Get Your $500
A future North Carolina teacher sits for the Praxis licensure exam.

Don’t let testing throw you off course!

Whether you’re finishing up your teaching program, trying to start one or already teaching with a temporary license – you'll need to pass North Carolina licensure exams. The good news? We’re here to help!

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We’re offering current and future North Carolina teachers (like you!) up to $500 to help you cross the finish line. We’ve got a bunch of resources you can choose from — but how you use your $500 is up to you!

You can:

  • Get unlimited access to Praxis test prep materials through Study.com.
  • Request a Praxis voucher so you can register for the test for free. This includes if you need to retake the exam!
  • Get reimbursed for additional exams, like the Pearson, EdTPA, PPAT, or study materials that better suit your learning style, like 1-on-1 tutoring.
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Cashing in is easy…

Whatever you need – we’ve got you covered, up to $500. Whether you want to use ALL the resources or mix and match, let us help you keep that money in your pocket!
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    Get free Praxis test prep

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    You can apply $50 (of your total $500) to get a Study.com license — at no cost to you!

    1. Click the button below to fill out the Study.com questionnaire.
    2. Receive an email with your Study.com access code.
    3. Head over to Study.com to jump into your free test prep!

    The first 50 people who a) request a Study.com license after 4/1, b) complete 30 Study.com courses and c) take Praxis will receive $100! Wondering which exam you need to take? Check out the details here!

    Get Your Test Prep
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    Receive a Praxis voucher

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    Whether it’s your first time taking the test or you need a retake — request a voucher to cover $100 or more of exam fees. Get ready to rock the Praxis! 

    Wondering which exam you need to take? Check out the details here!

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    Get reimbursed for other studying & testing costs

    A future NC teacher smiles at the camera. Around his face are icons of the Study.com logo, dollar signs and a completed licensure exam.

    Have to take another test, like the Pearson, PPAT, or EdTPA? Did you purchase other study materials for teaching license exams? Fill out our form, and get reimbursed $200 or more for additional required testing or study resources that you pursued.

Learn More About Teaching Tests

A future NC teacher looks confidently up at illustrations of a teaching test and question mark

Not sure which test to take? Want more study tools and tips? Need general testing info?

We've got a guide for that! Check out the TeachNC Licensure Test Guide for everything from how to register to what to expect on test day.

Future teachers, we’ve got you covered.

Teachers change lives — especially teachers who share their unique backgrounds, identities and passions with students. That’s you! And we’re here to help guide you through it with the help of our partners in North Carolina and across the country.
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