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"Better Work Stories" PSA Assets

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Victory (60 seconds)

"It was 1300 hours. My math class from 302 was in the trenches."

Camping (30 seconds)

"It was fourth period biology. ... Ms. Bell and I had them role-play a zombie virus outbreak."

Says State Superintendent Mark Johnson

"From traditional district schools, to charter schools, to magnets and lab schools, there is great opportunity to have a fulfilling and fruitful career as a teacher in North Carolina. We have 2,500+ public schools in North Carolina’s 100 counties, but now there is one place to go to learn about becoming a teacher."

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About the PSA Campaign: Teachers Have Better Work Stories

This broad media campaign highlights how the teaching profession is challenging, fulfilling and constantly evolving.

Message: Teaching requires you to be creative, innovative, collaborative and leverage your unique skills, background and passions every day.

Channels: Billboards, radio spots, TV PSAs, social media and display advertisements, and search engine marketing.

About the One-Stop-Shop: TeachNC.org

TeachNC.org offers everything prospective teachers need to evaluate teaching and take steps towards licensure.

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