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Announcing TeachNC

Resources and support for future teachers in North Carolina

Author: TeachNC Team

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TeachNC has launched! After research, writing, coding and collaboration, your ultimate resource for becoming a teacher in North Carolina is ready to go.

"From traditional district schools, to charter schools, to magnets and lab schools, there is great opportunity to have a fulfilling and fruitful career as a teacher in North Carolina. We have 2,500+ public schools in North Carolina’s 100 counties, but now there is one place to go to learn about becoming a teacher." - State Superintendent Mark Johnson

Are you looking to start a meaningful career as a teacher? TeachNC is a platform designed to help you explore teaching and understand what it takes to become a teacher in North Carolina. You get access to dedicated resources about teacher compensation, living in North Carolina, licensure, recommended prep programs and more.

As an evolving platform, TeachNC is routinely updated with new information to support you in fulfilling your career ambitions. All you have to do is sign up (for free!) to keep up with the latest and greatest information about teaching in our great state. 

Great teachers can come from a variety of places. TeachNC helps chart your pathway to a career in teaching, no matter where you are on your professional journey.

According to BEST NC Board Chair, Walter McDowell:

"As business leaders, we know that the talent in our organizations is key to our success. The same is true for education in North Carolina; our teachers and other educators need to be recruited and valued like other high-skills professionals. TeachNC will empower teacher candidates with the information they need to enter the teaching profession and thrive as a teacher."

Ready to dive in? Get started with TeachNC.

What you get

TeachNC is a comprehensive platform for future teachers. Assess your fit for the teaching profession, learn more about the opportunities for educators in North Carolina, and take steps towards getting your teaching license.

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Just starting out? Build a roadmap based on your interests, passions and skills. In just a few minutes, you’ll have an actionable plan for becoming a teacher and entering one of the best professions in the world.

Curious to learn more about teaching in NC? 

Ready to apply to an educator preparation program? Check out About Licensure to learn about licensing pathways, or use Find Programs to compare educational preparation programs in North Carolina. We’ll set you up with free 1-on-1 coaching to get your questions answered and application checklists to keep you on track. You can also learn how to keep teacher preparation costs at bay through fee reimbursements and scholarship opportunities, like our $1,000 scholarship.

About the initiative

Students need a quality education to succeed in their lives—that’s a given. What you might not know is that teacher quality is the #1 factor in guaranteeing students’ long-term success. So, it’s simple: 

Since educators play a crucial role in the life of every child who enters their schools, North Carolina is committed to building the strongest-possible educator workforce to ensure that all students have access to great teachers.

According to Governor Roy Cooper:

"North Carolina is a wonderful place to build a life and a career and we’d love to welcome you to join our public schools as a respected teacher. Come help us continue our strong tradition of public education while you challenge, empower and inspire North Carolina’s next generation."

All students deserve skilled, ingenious educators who improve their worlds. That’s why we brought the experts in North Carolina education together to form TeachNC. Our partners include the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, BEST NC, North Carolina school districts and charter schools, educator preparation programs, and other professionals in education.

Why? Because we can’t do it alone. 

BEST NC brings a deep understanding and commitment to elevating the teaching profession. As business leaders, they recognize that the future of North Carolina hinges on having high-skilled professional educators who are recruited, prepared and supported to educate the next generation of North Carolinians. The TeachNC initiative complements their other efforts to reimagine the principal talent pipeline and ensure that veteran educators have career opportunities that will expand their reach without forcing them to leave the classroom.

TEACH.org brings extensive professional expertise and experience working across the country to assist cities and regions with teacher recruitment initiatives and marketing campaigns, and builds some of the best apps and resources to help people determine whether teaching is a professional fit, research and compare programs, and even to get a glimpse into what leading a classroom is like.

According to TEACH.org's Head of Product, Dominique Remy:

“TeachNC works with you to figure out what you need to be successful in becoming a teacher. We coordinate with multiple partners to offer the right experiences—application checklists, school district profiles, content about licensure and financial aid and more—to make the journey to teaching clearer and more manageable.”

Together, our support goes even further—to include tools, resources and career exploration opportunities customized for North Carolina’s future teaching candidates.

When you join TeachNC, you’re joining a community of passionate professionals dedicated to building and supporting North Carolina’s students, one excellent teacher at a time. Best of all, there is no cost to join! TeachNC is free to users, thanks to generous contributions from our sponsors.

Take the first step

Are you ready to become a teacher? Or, maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more. Either way, it’s time to sign up. You’ll get access to everything we mentioned above, and you’ll be the first to know about all the new products and services we’re launching soon!

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