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1-on-1 coaching

Why talk to a career coach?

An aspiring North Carolina teacher talks with a career coach over Zoom

Get advice and info, based on where you’re starting and where you want to be. Talk to a coach 1-on-1 or join a group advising session, so you can take the next step in your journey with confidence.

TeachNC coaches are licensed teachers. If you’re new to teaching, they can help you with questions like:

  • How do I know if teaching is right for me?
  • How do I get licensed to teach? 
  • How do I choose a teaching program? 
  • Anything else you want to know! 

Plus, when you sign up with a coach, you’ll get access to every TeachNC product and service — all completely free. 

Group Advising

A group of future NC teachers listen in on a career advising session

Not sure if a 1-on-1 call is right for you? Group advising sessions are also a great way to learn about becoming a teacher.

Group sessions are held monthly and cover topics like:

  • Steps to a teaching license and how to choose your subject area
  • How to choose a teaching pathway and program
  • How to get career and financial support from TeachNC

Every group call includes a Q&A session! Bring any questions that are top-of-mind for you. You can always schedule a 1-on-1 call if you think of more questions later.

To join a group session: Click the “Sign Up” button to open the group advising Eventbrite page. There, you can click “Select a date” and choose the session that works best with your schedule. 

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"Matt was pleasant to talk with and very knowledgeable about the Residency Licensure path that I am interested in."

— 1:1 advising participant

1-on-1 Coaching

Our coaches get to know *you.* With a 1-on-1 call, you’ll get custom advice for your situation.

Meet the Coaches

Scroll down to view calendars and read bios for all North Carolina coaches. Choose a coach and your preferred date, then click to sign up!* Don't see a calendar? Try logging out and refreshing your page, or for assistance.

Coaching is available to anyone brand-new to teaching — without a teaching credential or experience as a lead teacher in any state — who is living in the U.S., or is a U.S. citizen living abroad. If you’re not eligible for coaching, you can learn more about becoming an NC teacher with the TeachNC Licensure Guide or from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

  • Picture of SaCola smiling at the camera wearing a colorful necklace and holding a book.

    SaCola is a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience. Her mission, vision, and purpose is to live a life with fullness and abundance by inspiring those who are inspiring themselves.

  • Headshot of Matt smiling at the camera.

    I teach high school English and Civic Engagement in Wake County, NC. The challenge and payoff of helping young people reach their potential drives my teaching.

  • Headshot of Megan who has long hair, wears glasses, and is smiling at the camera.

    I have been an educator for 17 years. I currently serve at the Office of Magnet and Curriculum Enhancement Programs. I love teaching and will take any opportunity to use my passion to help others develop new skills or sharpen old ones. As a NC Teaching Fellow Alum, it is an honor to help guide others into this career. 

  • Picture of Lundon smiling at the camera.

    Lundon is a bilingual Spanish teacher with 20+ years of experience in education. She has a Masters Degree in Spanish Education and a Bachelor's Degree in History. In her spare time she likes to spend time with friends and family. Lundon habla español.

  • Headshot of Chelsee smiling at the camera.

    I am a 6th grade math teacher with 11 years in the classroom. I am married with two elementary aged children. Teaching is my passion and I cannot see myself doing anything else. I am an open book when it comes to teaching!

  • Headshot of David smiling at the camera.

    David has been a science educator for the last 12 years. He holds a B.A in Middle Grade Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a masters in Natural Sciences Education from Colorado State University. In 2016 he was awarded a distinguished service award in science education from the North Carolina Science Teacher Association. David currently works as an academic coach for the Roger Bacon Academy in NC, where he supports middle and elementary school science and math teachers. After a few years in this role, David plans to return to teaching science at the high school level.

  • Headshot of Barbara smiling at the camera.

    Teaching high school is not what I originally wanted to do......I had other plans. But then life happened, and I found myself always around young people......and truly loved it. I have been a CTE Business Education Teacher for 15 years, and look forward to discussing certification pathways and program options with prospective NC teachers.

Picture of SaCola smiling at the camera wearing a colorful necklace and holding a book.

SaCola is a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience. Her mission, vision, and purpose is to live a life with fullness and abundance by inspiring those who are inspiring themselves.

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