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Teaching requires you to be creative, innovative, collaborative and leverage your unique skills, background and passions every day.

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NC teachers have lightbulb moments.

These North Carolina educators learn right alongside their students.
  • ShaLeka Covington

    Her struggling reader just wasn't getting it. Then ShaLeka introduced the book Esparanza Rising and made a breakthrough.

  • Matt Bristow Smith

    Matt's student lost his home in Hurricane Floyd. Their relationship taught them both how to persevere and thrive.

  • Yanira Campos

    From "Do we have to, Ms. Campos?" to "I got this!" Here's how Yanira used a simple tool to tailor the lesson and bring two-digit addition to life. 

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NC teachers have their best day ever.

Teaching is challenging, to say the least. These NC teachers show us the payoffs.
  • Michelle Fockler

    Michelle's student had never passed her state tests on the first try. When she finally did, it was bigger than an academic win. It was personal.

  • Matt Scialdone

    Matt and his students collaborated with the Equal Justice Initiative on their National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Then this happened!

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NC teachers innovate and inspire

These North Carolina teachers tell us how creative solutions inspired their students.
  • Caroline Olson

    Caroline tells us how she realigned goals and class content to help her student meet eligibility for football tryouts. 


  • Kate Culberth

    Kate found a unique way to engage her students in conversation in order to prepare for a trip abroad. 


  • Connor McDade

    Connor learned to celebrate a student's individuality from his own teachers who showed him how to use his strengths. 


  • Jenny O'Meara

    Before Jenny was a principal, she established a long-lasting relationships with a future leader to guide her into AP classes. 



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