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Alamance-Burlington School System

Alamance-Burlington School System

Hear from Jesica Fitzgerald about learning to trust her passion for education at Alamance-Burlington School System.

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Meet Jesica Fitzgerald

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I am grateful to live and work in the Alamance-Burlington School System. My 3 children attended schools here in Alamance County where I have lived for 18 years. Schools and teachers are supported in their efforts to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. Our district is focused on collaborating with the community to provide all students a quality education. Our leadership analyzes and reflects on policies and practices, and then makes the changes necessary to keep improving our schools.

Jesica Fitzgerald


  • 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher


  • 2019 Teacher of the Year, Alamance-Burlington School System
  • Science Olympiad Coach (State Qualifying Team-3 years)
  • MathCounts Coach (State Qualifying Team-3 years)

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    Education was always emphasized in my home. I was raised by a young, single father, but was mostly influenced by my grandparents. When I was born, they were both retired and made it a point to instill in me a love of learning. Opportunities offered through the schools then helped foster my curiosity and keep me engaged in the learning process. Teachers shaped my interests and assured me that I was capable of more. Of course, this occurred in the classrooms, but many hours of teachers’ personal time were also spent providing experiences for their students. I am so grateful for all the many teachers who sacrificed in the classroom and beyond to give me what I wouldn’t have had otherwise. In high school, it was the needs of my friends that pushed me further towards becoming a teacher. Mathematics came relatively easy throughout my schooling, but some of my peers were struggling. They began asking me for assistance during class, and then outside of class as well. I began hosting math get-togethers in my home and found once again the enjoyment that comes from helping others learn. It took me until my sophomore year of college before I fully committed to following my passion. I wanted to be a teacher, and I knew I always had. This is now my 22nd year as an educator. I still have a love of learning, and I still receive joy in helping others. Teaching is challenging, and sometimes it is difficult to see accomplishments in your daily endeavors. Often, you don’t know what contributions you have made until students tell you years later. Having my students grow to become engaged citizens and fulfilled human beings is the best evidence of my contribution. Within the daily routines of teaching, seeing students become curious and enjoying the process of learning is the greatest accomplishment I have as a teacher.

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