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Hear from Kimberly Tuttle about inspiring a love of learning through connections at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

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Meet Kimberly Tuttle

Teacher Ambassador

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I am a proud teacher within Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, because I know my district will do whatever it takes to ensure a students' academic, personal, and social needs are met no matter their ethnicity or zip code. The quest for continued excellence and the need to connect students to meaningful learning experiences makes a CMS teacher stand out from all others. With the support of the school district, teachers are equipped with the needed resources and tools to make magic happen in the classroom. A CMS teacher knows the pathway to seek the materials needed for their students' success.

Kimberly Tuttle


  • English III Honors and AP Language and Composition Teacher


  • 2019 Volkswagen Education Spotlight
  • National Commercial ("Kimberly and the Jetta")
  • National Commercial ("Kimberly and the Jetta")
  • 2019 Teacher of the Year, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
  • 2019 Southeast Learning Community Teacher of the Year
  • 2019 Levine Middle College High School Techer of the Year
  • 2010. 2020 National Board Certified Teacher
  • 2016 Levine Middle College High School Teacher of the Year
  • 2008-2011 Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Education and Research
  • 2008-present, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Professional Development Master Teacher
  • 2011-2013 Center for Quality Teaching, Common Core Leader
  • 2004 Time-Warner Star Teacher
  • 1998 Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools First-Year High School Teacher of the Year

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    What inspires me to teach each day, for the last 21 years, is knowing that I am able to make the allurement of learning one that leaves a lasting impact, making the content applicable and meaningful for all of my students. My desire as a teacher is to transform the world of education by teaching the whole child, being a facilitator of their academic performance, but also to their overall development so they are prepared for their future. I try to inspire a love for learning in my students by modeling my own love for learning: I read with them, I write essays along with them, and I, too, act out parts in a play that we are reading. I do not ask more of my students than I, myself, am not willing to do. As a way to bridge the content we study to the real world is reflected through my traveling, becoming a global learner along with my students. The greatest learning experience takes place when you are able to see the world. Books are beautiful and enlightening, but the world is breathtaking and engaging and will teach you more than you ever expected to learn. When my students are able to find the connection of our travels to a text we have studied, then my classroom has just extended into the world and ventured into a community that is waiting to interact with them and teach them. Teaching gives me the opportunity to see the results of my students’ growth that is not only measured in the standards of a State test, but in their ability to mimic life skills I’ve inadvertently taught them, as seen through my class motto -- “Be blessed. Be safe. Be wise. Make good decisions” -- and share that act of kindness with their peers. When you love what you do and do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. Why? Because you live your passion and your joy each day. This is a special type of love that still puts butterflies in my stomach and makes my heart flutter each year in July, as the signs begin to appear in stores advertising for “The First Day of School”.

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