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Granville County Public Schools

Granville County Public Schools

Hear from Jenna Holloway about putting air into balloons at Granville County Public Schools.

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Meet Jenna Holloway

Teacher Ambassador

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Granville County Public Schools is #onthemove, committed to excellence and achievement for all. Our vision is that every student will reach his or her full potential, prepared to thrive in a changing world. I choose to teach here because that mission aligns with my teaching mission - “Every child that walks through my classroom door will feel equipped and empowered to accomplish his or her dreams”. This is a great place to work because we make it our life’s work to empower EVERY student, EVERY day.

Jenna Holloway


  • 1st Grade Teacher


  • Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion


  • 2020-2021 Granville County Public Schools Teacher of the Year
  • 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year - Mount Energy Elementary
  • October, 2020 Staff Member of the Quarter
  • 2007 Indiana Outstanding Future Educator
  • WBT Bronze Certified Instructor

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

My students are my why and my inspiration. I always say that teaching is like a balloon, the basic elements don’t change, but when you put air into the balloon it expands and begins to rise. Unlocking God-given potential and breathing hope, dreams, and aspirations into the lives of my students by equipping them with the tools they need to have success in whatever they choose to do, is simply the best calling.

Granville County Public Schools by the numbers

  • 573

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 6880

    Engaged Learners

  • $38,500

    New Teacher Starting Salary

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