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Hear from Clarissa Deaton about building relationships at Lincoln County Schools.

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Meet Clarissa Deaton

Teacher Ambassador

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I didn’t know 14 years ago that G. E. Massey would become my second home. Massey’s staff is an amazing group of people to work with, uniting to help every family in our school. There is not a competitive vibe around a child’s emotional or academic well-being. There is always friendly competition with fundraisers or other events. It feels great knowing that our staff's first mission is the whole child. Lincoln County Schools not only stresses the importance of academic success but values every child.

Clarissa Deaton


  • 3rd Grade Teacher


  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania


  • Teacher of the Year for G. E. Massey Elementary School 2011,2014 and 2019
  • Teacher of the Year Lincoln County Schools 2019, Current Multi-tiered Student Services Chair
  • School Improvement Team Chair
  • Running Club Coach
  • Grade Level Representative

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

There are several reasons why I love to teach, but hands down the best part of my job is building relationships with my students each year. Being a teacher, you have to understand and appreciate that all my students are unique and possess different qualities that make them special. My job is to take advantage of this diversity, and to maximize their growth and potential. As the leader of the class, it is my responsibility to model good relationships and create a strong rapport with each student. I strongly believe that if a child feels loved and supported by his or her teacher, that student will exceed all expectations. Children need to know that you are on their side and will do whatever is necessary to make them successful. Building relationships starts the first day they step foot into my classroom and continues even after the child exits my class. Something as simple as a special handshake, asking them about their game, or giving them a hug after hearing about the death of their pet, can make the ultimate difference. I love learning about each child and having inside jokes with each of them. This strengthens our bond and forms a respectful rapport that initiates their drive to learn and absorb all that I teach. If you make time to build these strong relationships, the students will believe they can reach the high expectations that you set for them. In closing, relationships are the key component to success within the classroom. Take time to create those amazing relationships, and the academics will fall into place!

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