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Orange County Schools
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Located between the Research Triangle Park and the Triad cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, Orange County sits nestled in the hills of the Piedmont region of the state. We are home to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and we serve over 7,000 students at 13 schools. Our diverse student population comes from homes fluent in 33 different languages. Our mission is to prepare creative, constructive thinking students who become healthy, productive, and responsible members of the world.

  • School District
  • Hillsborough, NC

Orange County Schools by the numbers

  • 1,200

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 7,500

    Engaged Learners

About Orange County Schools

  • Teaching in Orange County Schools

    Orange County Schools is committed to retaining, recruiting, and developing a diverse professional team accountable for the learning opportunities for all students.  In partnership with students, families and the community we will provide challenging and engaging educational experiences that will develop responsible, knowledgeable and resourceful citizens prepared to contribute to our global society.

  • For Students

    Orange County Schools 1:1 Initiative provides all students, in grades K-2 with IPADS and grades 3-12 with a laptop computer to support and transform learning. Orange County Schools has seven elementary schools committed to providing a strong academic foundation for lifelong learning. In addition to the core academic program based on the NC Standard Course of Study (NC SCOS), OCS offers enrichment and intervention programs at each K-5 school to enhance, expand, and strengthen students’ skills. Some of the programs are provided for all students while others are provided based on identified student needs. These programs include: Art, music, health and physical education, technology, AIG and Exceptional Children’s Programs, Spanish, and English as a Second Language.

    AVID, offered at our middle and high schools, is a program that targets students in the "academic middle" who typically would be the first in their families to attend college, and many are from low-income or minority families. The intent is to prepare these students for college by ensuring they enroll in rigorous college preparatory classes. The AVID elective class provides support, academic monitoring, and tutoring. Writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading, along with tutorials and study skills are the core strategies introduced to students in the AVID elective class.

    Many exciting college and career readiness classes are offered in middle and high school students, including but not limited to: dual language programs, certifications such as Safe Server and Microsoft, Habitat for Humanity, dual enrollment in community college course, SAS coding, engineering course etc. Students also have the opportunity to take Spanish, Latin, French or independent studies in German.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Local supplements are based on continuous service with Orange County Schools:

    Certified Staff
    0 - 5 years: 12%
    6 - 13 years: 14%
    14 - 20 years: 16%
    20+ years: 18%

    Other Staff
    Directors: 13%
    Coordinators: 9%

    Principal Supplement:
    Elementary School $12,000
    Middle School $17,000
    High School $23,000
    Assistant Principals Experience pay ban plus: 1% - 5%
    Classified Staff: 7%

    Additional State and Local Benefits:
    10 Paid Holidays, Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave
    Affordable Life Insurance Options (free $15,000 policy paid locally)
    Excellent State Retirement Program
    Health Insurance
    Longevity Pay and Direct Deposit
    Before and After School Day Care at Reduced Rates
    Free Admission to School Sporting Events
    Tuition-Free Enrollment for Out-of-District Children of Employees

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