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Get Paid to Make a Difference
Teaching is hard work, but it comes with many rewards. In North Carolina, teachers receive a comprehensive compensation package.
Get Paid to Make a Difference
Teaching is hard work, but it comes with many rewards. In North Carolina, teachers receive a comprehensive compensation package.

Make a Living

Teachers in North Carolina make $53,975 on average and receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, retirement and other benefits. Some positions also offer bonuses for teaching particular subjects, such as Advanced Placement, Reading or Math. There are also additional compensation opportunities for teachers who are National Board Certified, deemed “Highly Qualified” or maintain an “Advanced Teaching role”.

See what positions are currently hiring with this job board.

Enjoy Comprehensive Benefits

The benefits you get on top of salary are part of your total compensation, and teachers tend to get a better benefit package than most other jobs. In North Carolina, teachers receive vacation time, secure retirement plans, plus the standard medical, dental and vision insurance you would expect as a professional. And, at most schools, you’ll have about two months to travel, earn extra income, pursue hobbies or develop yourself.

Grow Your Career

The classroom is just the beginning. When you become a teacher, you open the door to many opportunities—some you may have never dreamed of! While in the classroom, teachers have the opportunity to expand their professional pathways by becoming National Board Certified, moving into an advanced teaching role or getting certified to teach in particular subjects/areas. 

Receive Extra Funding and Perks

  • Salary Supplements

    On top of a state salary schedule, teachers may also receive a local salary supplement from their school district. This supplement amount varies by district (with urban districts on the higher end). You can use this map to see the average local supplement for teachers by district in 2019-2020.

    Additionally, there are several more state and local opportunities for higher salaries than the state base salary. For example, National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) earn 12% more, and advanced teaching roles can pay as much as $20,000 more.

    To  learn more about North Carolina’s salary schedule and supplements, visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

  • Earn Credit for Relevant Work Experience

    Earn Years of Experience Credit for Relevant Work in Other Fields:  

    For salary purposes, North Carolina awards individuals years of experience credit (on the statewide salary schedule) for relevant non-teaching work experience.  

    How does this work? How much credit can I earn? 

    • One year of experience credit may be awarded for every two years of full-time relevant non-teaching work experience completed before you have earned a bachelor’s degree.   
    • One year of experience credit may be awarded for every year of full-time relevant non-teaching work experience completed after you have earned a bachelor’s degree.   
    • For Career-Technical Trade and Industry Education licenses, one year of experience credit may be awarded for every year of full-time relevant non-teaching work experience after you have completed the required training and work experience to qualify for the provisional license. 

    What is “relevant work experience"? 

    “Relevant non-teaching work experience” is defined as professional work experience in public or private sectors that is directly related to an individual’s area of licensure and work assignment. For example:  

    • Full-time work in a medical laboratory would be considered relevant work experience for a high school biology teacher.  
    • Full-time work as a historian at North Carolina Museum of History would be considered relevant work experience for a Social Studies teacher. 
    • Full-time work managing an independent theater would be considered relevant work experience for a drama teacher. 
    • Full-time work as an electrician would NOT be considered relevant work experience for an English/Language Arts teacher. 

    Additionally, part-time work experience (greater than 15 hours per week) can be considered for years of experience credit on a pro-rata basis. 

    If you think you have experience that would qualify, more information about eligibility can be found here. If you are already employed as a teacher, please reach out to your school district or charter school HR department to determine your eligibility. 

  • Funding Opportunities

    Looking for scholarships? Want to pursue a development experience? You will find thousands of grants, scholarships and fellowships for teachers and teacher candidates. Learn more about specific funding opportunities for North Carolina teachers, and consult an expansive national scholarships and aid database.

  • Loan Repayment

    Stepping into a classroom could mean stepping out of debt. If you have a student loan, you may be eligible for relief if you commit to teaching for several years. If this interests you, see Teacher Loan Forgiveness.

  • Housing Assistance

    There are benefits to help teachers find a home that is just right for relaxing and recharging! The Teacher Next Door program in North Carolina offers housing grants and home buying assistance to help teachers become homeowners in the communities where they work.

    Additionally, the federal government created Good Neighbor Next Door, a program designed specifically for teachers. In order to contribute to community revitalization, the U.S. Department of Housing and Development offers a discount of 50% from the list price of the home to teachers.

  • Shopping Deals

    The world’s best brands offer discounts to teachers. Think J. Crew, Madewell, Apple, Jo-Ann Fabrics, AC Moore and Marriott Hotels. That means plane tickets take your further. Cell phone bills and gym memberships cost less. Your wardrobe has more options. And new technology is so much more affordable. Discounts may vary by specific location, but this national list is a good starting place to find some teacher perks.

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