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Alleghany County Schools

Hear from Maggie Murphy about teaching to create World Changers in the Alleghany County Schools.

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Meet Maggie Murphy

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After attending college and teaching for a couple years in another district, I had the opportunity to return home to teach. I wanted to return home to Alleghany County and give back to my community. I am so blessed to have a position at the same elementary school I attended. It gives me an interesting perspective. I have been where these students are. I have lived in their shoes. I know what I wish I had learned and know what I wish I had known. That's one gift I can give them. That's very special!

Maggie Murphy


  • 4th Grade Teacher


  • Appalachian State University


    Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    In my third year of college, when asked during my first internship "why do you want to be a teacher?", I immediately answered, "because I want to make a difference!" Our students are our future, and I want to use my voice and my life to positively impact each and every one that comes through my classroom. That is the best part of this career; what we do matters every single day. I also love learning and I want to pass that along to students as a way to empower them to chase their dreams and make the world a better place for the generations after us. I teach to create WORLD CHANGERS!!

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