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Hear from Ginger Scerri about the inspiration of providing for every student at Clay County Schools.

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Meet Ginger Scerri

Teacher Ambassador

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Growing up in the rural town of Hayesville, North Carolina, I attended the very school that I am now working in. This motivates me to provide every academic opportunity for my students, because I benefitted from having teachers do the same for me. At Hayesville Middle School, the staff are family, and the education of our students is our mission. The dedication and commitment of our teachers to this profession is evident every day at our school.

Ginger Scerri


  • Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher


  • University of North Carolina at Asheville


  • 2020 Outdoor Classroom Program Fundraising Director, Developer, and Implementer
  • 2019-2020 Hayesville Middle School Teacher of the Year
  • 2019-2020 Clay County NC School District Teacher of the Year
  • Co-Sponsor of the Sixth Grade Hayesville Middle School Jr. Beta Program (3 years)
  • Hayesville Middle School Representative for Sixth Grade for School Improvement Team (3 years)
  • Hayesville Middle School Career Day Coordinator, Developer, and Implementer (3 years until passed off to a hired position for running of the program.
  • Professional Development Presenter for Clay County School Staff Development Day *2 years)
  • Head Exceptional Children Hayesville Middle School Teacher (2 years)
  • WJRB Teacher of the Week: Radio Interview and school promotional opportunity for Clay County, as well as the teaching profession. (2017)
  • Clay County Progress Feature Teacher of the Month for the Career Day Program at Hayesville Middle School. (2016)

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

If I were given the opportunity to describe what inspires me daily, I would simply say my students. In this profession, it is key to understand that a teacher cannot possibly teach students academically and expect a child to learn and focus if that students' immediate needs are not taken care. Yes, I love my content area and teaching my students all about Ancient History, however, I equally love the part of my job that allows me to provide for the welfare and emotional stability of my students. Teachers hold the power to ensure that learning takes place in an environment where students feel safe and are able to grow.

Teaching is the only profession that educates, inspires, and directly affects every single person. It is an interesting thought to reflect on the fact that everyone that is working, from the mechanic down the street to the United States President, was loved, shaped, and taught by educators. Every child has had to attend school, therefore, every person has been given the chance to be made into the best versions of themselves by teachers.

There is a major sense of responsibility that teachers feel in the teaching profession that is often overlooked by those who do not teach. The responsibility that is felt is a result of the fact that teachers impart knowledge to all people and teachers hold the power to make either a positive or negative influence in each and every student that grows up to become an adult in the community. These adults then shape the country. As educators, we get to pour our heart, mind, and soul into our students in order to help them achieve their full potential. Educators are given a rare opportunity that others do not get to invest in every child and to shape the country. A teacher’s job is the most important job in the world and it is a privilege to work in this profession.

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