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Davie County Schools

Hear from Pam Cook about giving students a voice in their education at Davie County Schools.

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Meet Pam Cook

Teacher Ambassador

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Davie County Schools is a great place to teach! After working in many school systems for over 30 years, I have found our system to be the best! Teachers have autonomy and choices in how to facilitate the needs of our students in our classrooms while upholding standards. The county is rich in resources within the school system and the community. Parents and businesses support the local schools, and most importantly, administration supports the teachers.


  • 6-8th English Language Arts Teacher



    • 2020 Teacher of the Year, Davie County Schools
    • Yearbook Advisor, Beta Club Advisor
    • School Improvement Team Member
    • English Language Arts Chair
    • Academically Intellectually Gifted Specialist

    Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    Walk into my classroom and you will see students engaged in small communities of 6-8 students. Sit down with these students and you will hear discussions led by a community leader. Listen as students analyze and discuss problems that literature imposes upon real-life situations and you will understand the importance of giving students a voice in the classroom. Because I believe in giving students a voice in their opportunity to learn, I teach. Not only do I teach students the curriculum, but I teach students to have a voice in their education.

    Davie County Schools by the numbers

    • 514

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 6,100

      Engaged Learners

    About Davie County Schools

    • About

      Davie County is in the Piedmont, the heart of North Carolina. We are largely rural, but close to the cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte yet have a low cost of living! Davie County Schools serves over 6,100 students in 12 schools. Our Davie County family is part of a close-knit community full of natural beauty and friendly people.

    • Teaching in Davie County Schools

      Davie County is focused on children and the future. We have a family culture and a strong supportive community. We are pleased to offer Professional Development and Mentoring Programs for Beginning Teachers as you teach in state-of-the-art facilities using wonderful technology. We have been Niche ranked the #1 Best School District in the Greensboro area for two years in a row.

    • For Students

      To promote the field of education, Davie County High School has a Future Teachers of America (FTA) club for students who are interested in teaching and being involved in extracurricular opportunities aligned with these interests.

      Through our Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department (and initiated through the iTeach grant), Davie offers a series of Teaching as a Profession courses to encourage high school students to consider the field of education and to “grow our own.” Teaching as a Profession I is an honors level elective that introduces high school students/potential teachers to the various aspects of teaching, and Teaching as a Profession II is taught at the college level, including an embedded internship experience and the opportunity to earn college credit.

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