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Durham County Schools

Durham County Schools

Hear from Brandon Daniel about empowering students and the equity in teaching at Durham Public Schools.

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Meet Brandon Daniel

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Durham Public Schools has allowed me to go beyond my classroom and provide engaging opportunities for students with family science nights. My principal has empowered me to teach students as I see fit. She trusts me to do my best for our students. Our superintendent shows great leadership as he serves students and the teachers who guide them. I love my district because our leadership builds leaders. I have been entrusted to lead in both school and district to help others succeed.

Brandon Daniel


  • 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher


  • North Carolina State University


  • Beginning Teacher of the Year Burton Elementary - 2017
  • Beginning Teacher of the Year Finalist – 2017
  • North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM) Outstanding Elementary School Mathematics Teacher for Durham Public Schools – 2017
  • Ignite the Power of STEM Grant Recipient from Biogen – for A Weather Station and Digital Microscopes – 2017
  • Toshiba America Foundation Grant Recipient - for Family Science Sacks Project (Hands-on projects for families to do together) – 2020
  • Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year – 2019-2020

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I love teaching. I love it because of the empowerment it brings me and my students. I believe in my students and they believe in me. I believe every child can succeed and accomplish great things when given meaningful educational opportunities. I teach because I believe in equity. Equity involves high expectations for all learners. Equity means helping students build successful educational identities. Equity means sharing the classroom with students and letting them teach along with you. Equity is empowering. Equity helps students realize their dreams and potential. Through teaching, I can explain the power of knowledge and the different journeys each of us take in acquiring it. I can emphasize the beauty of discovery and the wonders in our world. I want my students to question the world around them and then seek answers. I model this as I ponder and pose questions. I invite them to share their thoughts and ask their own questions. I share my mistakes and how they are okay because they are learning opportunities. In my class, students are risk-takers because they feel comfortable making mistakes in front of each other. I let them know that they are teachers too. They teach each other and they teach me as well. I learn something new from or about my students every day. I care about them and they realize it and respond to it. My instructional practices and my classroom are centered on students. They know it is a positive place where they belong, grow, and learn from each other. I teach because we all have something to learn from each other.

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