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Fayetteville State's academic programs consistently rank number one in multiple areas and among the most affordable in the nation. With one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, we provide a world-class education at a fraction of the price. 

We are proud to say we are an HBCU with one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. Our vision in The College of Education is to build upon our proud legacy of strong undergraduate and graduate programs designed to prepare effective, high quality teachers and educational leaders. We produce professionals who positively impact the lives of 21st century children, local educational agencies, communities and organizations. Our alumni demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be effective P-16 practitioners. Our Birth-Kindergarten program is also accredited by the National Accreditation for the Education of Young Children.

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Paul Lane

FSU will help mold you into the person you want to be at graduation and can help you be a better person. It showed me I was ready for the world—that I was able to conquer what needed to be conquered and challenge myself while I was in that environment. I was prepared to go to the next step in life.

Paul Lane

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Bachelor’s & licensure


  • 20 months

    Program Duration

  • In-person

    Program Format

  • Pre-Test Required


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  • Nov. 01, 2024

  • Jan. 11, 2025

  • Feb. 01, 2025

  • Rolling Deadline


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Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Fayetteville State University have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Fayetteville State University to see if you can, too!



Financial aid awards vary based on eligibility factors. Annual awards are up to $31,4888.94.

NC Promise

NC Promise puts earning a bachelor's degree in reach for more students. Fayetteville State University is thrilled to be the state's newest NC Promise school. We know what a difference this will make for the Bronco Family. At FSU, we want you to be focused on building your future, not worried about how to pay for it. Learn more at

FSU will continue to offer the same high-quality degree programs and the same expansive course catalog. The funding for NC Promise has been awarded to FSU by the State of North Carolina, meaning nothing changes but your budget.

Federal Grants

Federal grants amounts are based on eligibility determined by the Department of Education, a student's need and enrollment.

Federal Direct Loans

Federal direct loan amounts are based on need and eligibility. Parent PLUS loans are also available.

Loan Forgiveness

Graduates may be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Loan Forgiveness to repay their student loans.

Work Study

Work study is available, with eligibility based on financial need.


Loan Forgiveness

The NC Teaching Fellows offers loan forgiveness up to $8,250 per year for four years if the graduate agrees to teach STEM or special education in a low-performing school. More information about the scholarship can be found at

For more information visit:Financial Aid Office

Licensure Areas

Art (K-12)
Biology (9-12)
Birth to Kindergarten (PK-K)
Elementary Education (K-6)
English (9-12)
Health & Physical Education (K-12)
Language Arts, Middle Grades (6-9)
Math (9-12)
Math, Middle Grades (6-9)
Music (K-12)
Science, Middle Grades (6-9)
Social Studies, Middle Grades (6-9)
Spanish (K-12)

Program Overview

Program Hallmarks


  • Male

  • Female



  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

  • Asian

  • Black

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

  • White

  • Two or more races








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