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Discover schools, districts and jobs in North Carolina.

People who want a challenging and purposeful career choose to work in North Carolina schools. And they know teaching is not a solo journey: In this profession, you’re invited to join an adventure of a lifetime with committed, talented colleagues.

Review our featured school districts below to get a sense for your potential future workplace.

Public School District Partners

Public school districts include different types of PK-12 schools and report to the North Carolina State Board of Education, which sets policy and general procedures for public school systems across the state. See below for a list of public schools.

Charter Schools

Charter schools operate in a model that that makes them unique to public and private schools. While charter schools receive government funding, they also exist independently from their local public school system and subsequent regulations. They are open for all students to enroll and are tuition free. See below for a list of charter schools.

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North Carolina schools are always looking for qualified individuals. TeachNC has partnered with SchoolSpring to bring you this job board of available teaching and paraprofessional positions in schools all over the state. Click here to start your search!

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